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For holidays full of excitement and magnificent sights, you will find nothing better than Amazon cruises. With so many things to see in this exciting part of the world, it can be hard to know where to go. Whether you want to explore the jungle, see the native wildlife or spend time with indigenous tribes, there is a destination for you.

To help you decide where to go during your Amazon cruise, some of the most popular locations are detailed below.

Possibly the most sought-after experience during Amazon cruises is a trip into the jungle. By visiting Manaus, you can do just that. Starting off your journey on the Rio Negro, you will cruise for two hours or so before arriving at your lodgings where you will spend the next few nights.

By staying in the jungle itself, you get the best chance to explore. Accompanied by a guide, you can take a motorised canoe at various times of the day to see the different sights the forest is home to. You will find you can see completely different things depending on the time of the day you set out.

And while you are sure to see countless incredible creatures, such as caimans, and plant life during your Amazonian adventure, you will also be able to learn a thing or two about jungle survival during guided hikes.

To experience something of the culture of the Amazon, you can visit Parintins for the Boi Bumba festival. Here you will be treated to an incredible show featuring a riot of colour, music and dance. Depicting a charming story, the festival ends with open dancing, so you can get to your feet and join in with the performers for the ultimate holiday experience.

Travelling to Santarem for a cruise on the Maica Lake is a good choice for those who are keen to learn about the river's ecosystem. The trip will commence at the convergence of the Amazon and Tapagos rivers, which is known as the Wedding of the Waters.

During the cruise, you could see incredibly rare animals, such as the pink dolphin, as well as have the opportunity to fish for piranhas.
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If you are looking for Amazon cruises, book for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for the ultimate adventure. With jungle to explore and indigenous tribes to meet, Amazon cruises make for incomparable holidays.

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Visit The Most Popular Destinations On Amazon Cruises

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This article was published on 2011/02/01