Briton Is First Man To Walk Length Of The Amazon

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After a grueling 859 days and 6,000 miles, British explorer Ed Stafford has become the first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon.

The former Army captain took on the challenge to highlight the importance of the Amazon rainforest, which is under immense threat from climate change and deforestation.

Mr Stafford reached the Atlantic in Brazil last month two and a half years after he started his epic adventure in the Peruvian Amazon. The final leg proved the most challenging, with Mr Stafford collapsing at the side of the road a few hours before reaching his final destination.

But he made it to Maruda beach on Brazils northern coast, accompanied by Peruvian forestry worker Gadiel Cho Sanchez Rivera, 31, who joined him five months into his journey.

Mr Stafford, 33, from Hallaton, Leicestershire, who suffered an estimated 50,000 mosquito bites said: The whole point of this expedition is to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon. Its been an incredible journey with some amazing highs but also some pretty horrendous lows as well. But I just couldnt consider giving up.

Although the Amazon measures 4000 miles, he estimates he had to walk an extra 2000 miles up and down mountains and through jungle to conquer it. Living off pirhana and rice, the pair made their way through Peru, Columbia and Brazil.

Mr Stafford said: For the past 859 days Ive lived and breathed the Amazon. Its the most amazing place on the planet.

Global Forestry Investments, works closely with local communities and the Brazilian government. They are against illegal logging in any form.

For every tree an investor purchases, they will plant a second tree that will remain completely protected and go towards preserving the Brazilian rainforest in the heart of the Amazon.

Andrew Skeene, of Global Forestry Investments, said: Congratulations to Mr Stafford for helping spread awareness of the issues facing the Amazon.

It is hugely important to us to make a difference both to the rainforest and its communities. Weve seen the positive change ethical investment can make and we want to do more!
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Briton Is First Man To Walk Length Of The Amazon

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This article was published on 2010/10/05